How to choose a knife

A good knife is an extension of the master’s hand, a handy tool that is pleasant to work with. Therefore, the choice of a knife must be approached responsibly. First of all, the knife must have excellent cutting properties: it must be sharp, easy to cut with, chop and maintain an edge for very long time. The knife blade must have a high hardness (within 60 HRC) and be durable.  In pursuit of extreme hardness, many forget about another, no less important characteristic of the blade - strength. Only a knife that has a balance of hardness and strength will work well and reliably.

Knife maintenance

Any knife, be it a folding knife, a souvenir knife, a fillet knife or a kitchen knife, requires some care.   By performing the manipulations below from time to time, you will always have a good working tool at hand.

What does a good fillet knife look like?

What is meant by a fillet knife and how can you tell if it’s of good quality? Let's try and figure it out.

Fillet knives are knives for filleting (cutting) fish.  They are also often used by hunters as a tool for eviscerating carcasses.

Steel for a hunting blades: comparison

At all times, blacksmiths and gunsmiths were faced with the question – which steel should the ideal hunting knife blade be made of?  A good product must meet several parameters at once...

A knife as a gift: how to choose

We are convinced that a knife is a great gift for every man. After all, love for cutlery "lives" in every representative of the stronger sex, even the most distant from hunting, fishing or tourism. Which knife to choose as a gift to a husband, leader, friend depends on the preferences of the person to whom the knife is intended...

Handmade knives: advantages

Most knives today are produced to exacting standards on industrial machines.  This gives them certain advantages, mainly lowers the final cost.  However, some of the knives are still handmade.  Despite the use of "old-fashioned, grandfather" methods, such blades are superior to machine tools in almost all respects.

Utility/Universal knife

A true utility knife does not stand out in any of the previously discussed parameters.  The main purpose of such a product is to effectively replace all other knife models and perform all their basic functions at a decent level.