Utility/Universal knife

A true utility knife does not stand out in any of the previously discussed parameters.  The main purpose of such a product is to effectively replace all other knife models and perform all their basic functions at a decent level.

 Utility/Universal knives can be used:

  • for cooking food
  • butchering animal carcasses or fish
  • for tourist and camping purposes
  • to repair a particular mechanism
  • for self-defense, military affairs and others

Thus, a universal model should stab, chop and cut well, have good anti-corrosion properties, have sufficient strength and hardness and does not require constant sharpening.  Often, for greater user convenience, such knives are folding.  Such a product can also have up to several dozen additional tools for different purposes.


 Knife Liman, Steel K110, Hornbeam Handle


Knife Tiger, Steel N690, Hornbeam Handle


Many hunting knife models are versatile in many ways.  Multi-functional products usually have a comfortable, sturdy handle that allows a firm grip.  A well-designed blade is equally effective in cutting and piercing dense materials.  However, there are also gift models with a beautiful handles and patterns on the blade itself.  Such products occupy a worthy place in collections and at the same time are quite functional.


Knife Wolf, Damascus steel, handle - moose horn

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