Our online store offers a wide range of custom, handmade, imported knives for Hunting, Fishing and Camping. We provide a 10 year quality warranty and express shipping to any part of the United States.


●   Extensive experience of our manufacturers with handmade, custom knives (over 20 years).

●    Great variety of custom, handmade, imported knives, we have all types of unique knives, you will not find in other shops.

●    Excellent reputation of the store and company.

●    Our manufacturers have a four-step quality control of the manufactured products: a skilled worker review, a foreman review, a manager of the quality department review and my own personal review before shipping product to end user.

●    Cutlery products are made in our manufacturers workshops, equipped with all necessary, latest machines and tools.

●     We are constantly updating our custom, handmade knives selection with latest and greatest products without increasing costs for the end clients.

●    High level of service: assistance with the selection and purchase of products, quick checkout, customer information support.

●     Accurate delivery of goods within United States. All products on this site are located in Saint Louis Missouri and your order will be delivered to you in 4-5 business days from Saint Louis Missouri.


Mark, AR


Ordered Wolf Vanadis 10 here – real beauty!  Form of the blade is well chosen and perfectly designed.  Handle is well made and fits great in hand. Overall, everything is well fitted and polished, would recommend.

Brian, TX


Just received Wolf with Khv5 steel blade, knife got here quick,thank you for that.  Steel is excellent, tried to drill a hole in the handle, it is not easy. In general, I like everything very much about the knife, in the future will buy from this company again.

Jason, OH


Just received knife Classic steel ELMAX, handle ash, I am ecstatic, quality is amazing, thanks to the craftsmen and Alex for useful advice.