Knife sheaths

All knives ship with individual custom sheaths, each sheath is made for a specific knife model, so that the knife "sits" like "molded" in the sheath.

For the sewing of the knife sheaths we use natural calf leather of the 1st grade with a thickness of 3.5 mm, which gives it both rigidity, strength and elasticity.  Knife scabbards are sewn with strong leather-colored threads used in shoe manufacturing.  The fittings (bob clasps, rivets, frames), used by us in the manufacturing process, are produced in St. Petersburg.

Many "knife makers" buy sheaths for their knives "on the side", which are more or less suitable in size.  This becomes obvious when you see identical knife sheaths from the same leather and with the same patterns from different companies.  We believe that this is the wrong approach to business.  Everything in the knife should be reliable and harmonious.

Most of our sheaths have 2 loops for carrying a knife on a belt: traditional (hard) and free.  Free is very convenient when you are sitting, for example, by a fire, in a boat, in a car.  Free loop, as it were, takes the knife aside so that it does not rest on the body.

Some of our knife sheaths come with a hole for drainage and ventilation from moisture. This is an important detail.  Thanks to the drain, the knife sheath inside is always dry, and the knife does not "suffocate" in it.  Our scabbards are durable and will last you the entire life of the knife.