Our knives

All Our knives undergo a quadruple quality control, starting with the blanks of the blades and ending with the assembly of the finished knife, we provide an individual leather sheet with each knife we ship to our clients.

  1. Quality is controlled by the master knife maker himself.
  1. Then the quality control is carried out by the workshop foreman.
  1. Before delivery to the warehouse, the quality control of each knife is carried out personally by the director of the manufacturing company.
  1. Quality verified by me, website owner before knife is sent to you.

Thus, any visible defect is inevitably identified and corrected.

We are confident in the quality of our products, therefore we give our company's knives a guarantee against manufacturing defects for 10 years from the date of purchase, provided they are used correctly.

The entire process of making knives takes place in our manufacturers workshops which are equipped with all the latest technical equipment, which allows our manufacturers to control the quality at all technological operations and transitions.

All our knives are of exceptional quality. We confirm quality of our products and guarantee their owners excellent performance of the knife throughout the entire life of service.  Which means that by observing all the rules and regulations when using our knives, you can be sure that after many years of service knife you use will not lose its working properties.

All our products are guaranteed. The basis for service or replacement of knives is the fact of contact of the owner of the original product purchased from us.  It is important to know that the product warranty is limited by the rules and regulations of use, the observance of which is mandatory to maintain the manufacturer's warranty obligations.

Warranty conditions:

  1. The warranty covers only products purchased from us.
  1. The warranty is valid only in case of responsible use of the knife.
  1. The warranty implies the elimination of defects or replacement of the knife arising through no fault of the person operating it.
  1. The warranty does not cover physical wear of the knife.
  1. The warranty does not cover complete or partial destruction of the knife caused by excessive loads during operation.
  1. The warranty allows the owner of our knives to count on comprehensive support in eliminating manufacturing defects throughout the entire period of use.


Operating standards:

  1. Always store your knife in a dry place and at a natural temperature for a given season.
  1. Do not subject the knife to excessive loads leading to complete or partial destruction of both the whole structure and its individual elements.
  1. When using a knife, be guided by social norms and a sober view of the need to use this product.
  1. Always remember that a knife is a source of increased danger and, if handled carelessly, can cause harm to both the person who uses it and the people around them.
  1. A knife, like any mechanical device, requires regular cleaning and lubrication.
  1. These knives should only be sharpened in knife shops on professional equipment.