"Breathtaking Steel" is an actively developing enterprise that specializes in the sale of hand made, custom knives produced in Russia, our manufacturers have over 20 year in the knife making business.  We are located in Saint Louis Missouri, all our products are located on site and shipped from Saint Louis Missouri to any part of United States, our products will not be shipped to you from overseas and should arrive within 4-5 standard business days.  Breathtaking Steel will be appearing in various shows and fairs located around Saint Louis and state of Missouri, please check out news section on the left side of our website for the latest events we will be participating in.

You can buy knives by steel type as well as variety of purposes, such as: hunting knives, fishing knives, skinning knives, camping knives as well as collector knives and others, please check out our website, as well as YouTube channel and Instagram account links.

We must not forget that Russia is famous for its rich century-old history of knife craft and is one of the world centers of metalworking.  Undoubtedly, in production of their knives our manufacturers rely on the experience and knowledge accumulated and transmitted to them by their ancestors, the best masters of their land. Working with traditional forged steels, our manufacturers produce daily excellent knives from damask steel, knives from forged steel X12MF, etc.  Constant study of the latest trends in knife business and metalworking technologies gives our manufacturers the opportunity to work with many types of modern steels, such as Elmax, M390, M398, S90V, K390 and others, which have proven themselves well on the market today.  All this allows our manufacturers, without deviation from traditions, to keep up with times and satisfy the needs of the most discerning customers.

Perfect adherence of our manufacturers to production standards, strict quality control and flexible marketing helps us receive excellent reviews from our grateful customers.  Our motto is to improve our quality on a day by day basis and to provide our clients with ever increasing assortment of new and unique products at reasonable prices.  Top quality and 100% percent satisfied customers are our number one priority.

We will be glad to see you among our fans!