Handmade knives: advantages

Most knives today are produced to exacting standards on industrial machines.  This gives them certain advantages, mainly lowers the final cost.  However, some of the knives are still handmade.  Despite the use of "old-fashioned, grandfather" methods, such blades are superior to machine tools in almost all respects.

What are the advantages of a handmade blade?

  • Increased strength and reliability. It's all about the manufacturing process.  A forged knife is made from a single piece of steel, so that the blade itself and the piece of metal in the handle are one piece.  This allows handmade blades to withstand extreme loads, for which they are highly valued by tourists, hunters and the military.
  • Unique blade characteristics. It is much sharper than that of factory knives, so it has to be sharpened less often.  The blade is endowed with such properties thanks to the experience and skill of the blacksmith, who with each blow of the hammer pulls the metal in the right direction and increases the unevenness of the mechanical structure of the knife. As a result, the working part of the product is significantly different from the butt of a knife.

  • Unique author's design. Many of our knives come with ornate patterns, handles with carved figures, inlaid with precious stones and metals. These items are highly prized by collectors.

Of course, not every craftsman can make a truly high-quality handmade blade.  That is why the order should be made only from experienced blacksmiths who can guarantee an excellent result.

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