1. What shipping options do you offer?

We offer two shipping options, UPS Ground and UPS Next Day Air at this point.

We ship within United States and Canada. 

All Packages will be mailed to you from Saint Louis Missouri and should arrive within 4-5 business days.


If you are outside of United States please contact me by email or phone and I will work with you to get you your purchase.  Shipping is done via USPS, Priority Mail International, delivery time 6-10 business days, as an Example cost to Europe is around 65$ with tracking number.


WE DO NOT SHIP TO PO BOXES, unfortunately our selling platform does not allow it.


2.  How do I know where my package is right now/how can I track my package? 

You can track the movement of the parcel on the UPS website.

You can track the movement of the parcel on the USPS website.


3.  How long will it take to receive the knife after you send your order?

Delivery times for United States orders

4-5 standard business days shipped via UPS for packages sent from Saint Louis Missouri.


4. Why are your products on the expensive side?
The reason my products are on the expensive side is because they are not locally made and shipping tends to be expensive.  The mission of my business is and always will be to bring American knife aficionados something very unique and different from the other side of the world, something they are not familiar with.  All my knives and blades are custom made by hand, by highly experienced knife smiths with 25+ years of knife making experience, quality and unique style are my main priorities when selecting products.


5.  Do your knives come with sheaths?

Each knife comes complete with a genuine leather sheath with two belt loops (standard and free) and typically embossed with company logo.


6.  Do you send knives and blades sharpened?

All our knives come razor sharp. Most Damascus Blades, Mosaic Damascus Blades and Laminate Blades come unsharpened.


7.  How to care for a Damascus steel knife?

After work, the knife must be cleaned and wiped dry.  We also recommend lubricating the blade with gun oil.


8.  There are spots on the Damascus blade. Is this a defect?

The appearance of spots on the damask blade is not a defect. The reason this happens is that Damascus steel is active. And when it comes into contact with acid (for example, tomatoes, pickles, apples, lemons), the Damascus steel darkens (the spots you described may also appear). Damascus reacts in a similar way to moisture. This is perhaps the only drawback of Damascus. To give the blade its original appearance, you need to use sandpaper number "0" (that is, zero sandpaper) and oil (better than VD, that is, from rust, but you can use any other). Rub the spots that appear, and the knife will be the same.


9.  How and using which sharpening mechanism is the best way to sharpen a Damascus knife?

To sharpen your knives, purchase a fine diamond stone (diamond-coated sharpening stone). It is better not to sharpen a knife made of Damascus steel, but only to correct it a little. This must be done very carefully, without pressure, without disturbing the sharpening angle. If you do not have enough experience, we advise you to contact a professional - it is better to see once than hear a hundred times!


10.  Why, if you rub Damascus blade with a diamond file, the pattern on the Damascus comes off, and under it is pure/clear metal?

Damascus design can be quickly erased or quickly restored. Damascus steel is similar to wood: if you saw off from it, then there will be no drawing/pattern. But if you treat the cut with oil, then the drawing/pattern will appear. In Damascus, the same thing, only instead of oil, you need to use 7% nitric acid (or even an ordinary lemon). Wipe the area without the pattern with cotton wool soaked in acid, and you will realize that Damascus is not a pattern, but a metal structure.


How is the birch bark handle attached?

The birch bark (leather) handle is attached to a metal rod. The shaft is connected to the blade by two rivets. The birch bark is glued with epoxy resin.


8.  Could you please give me some maintenance and use advice for my knife?

Please refer to the links below and always remember these knives/products come very sharp and typically made from higher end steel grade and as a result the blades are hard to very hard, intended to stay sharp for long time.  Exercise extreme caution when handling them.


9.  Could you please give me some advice on how to pick a knife?

Please refer to the link below for all the knives related advice.