What does a good fillet knife look like?

What is meant by a fillet knife and how can you tell if it’s of good quality? Let's try and figure it out.

Fillet knives are knives for filleting (cutting) fish.  They are also often used by hunters as a tool for eviscerating carcasses.

Features of fillet knives:

  • flexibility and increased sensitivity of the blade;
  • narrow blade;
  • special shape;
  • sharpening angle - 20 degrees.

It is by these parameters you should be guided when choosing a fillet knife.  Plus, also please pay close attention to the manufacturer.  If the brand is well-known, then the quality will certainly be at its best.

Before you buy a fillet knife, please decide for what purpose you need it.  If for cutting fish and meat, then one of the best options would be Damascus steel.



For fruits or vegetables, a stainless blade is better suited.  Please pay attention to the degree of sensitivity of the blade: it must be high.  Then, when filleting, you will not miss even the smallest bones of medium-sized fish.


Another important factor is the material of the knife handle.  It would be better if it were made of birch bark, horn or wood that is not afraid of water; it is also pleasant to hold in your hands.  Knives with a handle covered in leather are also popular.  This option is often chosen by fishermen using knives during cold season. The leather grip does not heat up and is therefore pleasant to hold in your hand.  Also, the knife must be heavy enough, otherwise it will be difficult for them to cut through the thick bones of the fish.  Before buying the tool, we advise you to hold it in your hand, to feel how comfortable it is in your palm.  Only after that you should purchase the model you like.

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