A knife as a gift for your husband, friend or boss

We are convinced that a knife is a great gift for every man.  After all, love for cutlery "lives" in every representative of the stronger sex, even the most distant from hunting, fishing or tourism.  Which knife to choose as a gift for a husband, boss or a friend depends on the preferences of the person for whom the knife is intended...

  • Hunters will appreciate the knife made of Swedish Elmax steel, which has been a real hit for several seasons in a row.  These knives do not rust even in an aggressive environments, they are very strong and durable.



  • Fisherman will appreciate knives made of K110 steel, which do not corrode for a long time.



  • Camping, hiking aficionados or the travelers will benefit from a utility knife, a reliable and low-maintenance models.



  • As a great gift, for the boss, birthday or anniversary event we recommend signature mosaic Damascus and laminate custom hand maid type knives like the ones below.




  • Our Damascus steel products always appeal to those looking for an original and inexpensive gift. Our new products made of Damascus steel with elk antler handles, decorated with original designs, and also with artistic casting from cupronickel have proven themselves to be excellent choices.



  • If you are looking for a "budget" present, which, nevertheless, will be remembered by its owner, please checkout small, but quite functional knives below.




  • All our knives come supplied complete with genuine leather covers that will serve you well throughout the life of your knife.



There is a popular opinion that cutlery should not be gifted.  If you are worried about this, there is a very simple solution for this: take from the person who was given the knife any coin in return.


We hope that our recommendations will help you choose a worthy gift for a man.


Do you need advice on steel types or knife models?  Please give us a call, we would love to help you pick out a knife based on your wishes and budget!  Phone: 1-314-420-6563 for all your knife questions please call Alex.

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